Our online courses are organized and held by highly qualified teachers. We offer one-to-one, two-to-one and group courses. Online courses are supported by the most important platforms available (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams). Group courses are usually the most popular ones and have dedicated classrooms. During the courses the teachers will use course books and teaching materials which are the result of years of research and studies by our team. Lessons are regularly taught by a qualified teacher or a native speaker. During the course, you will follow a textbook or some other digital material to make the learning process more stimulating and effective, (listening activities, readings of newspaper articles or passages from works of literature, conversation).
All our online courses are divided into 10-hour packages with flexible scheduling. This means that you can arrange sessions with different hours depending on your needs. Our courses run from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will be scheduled directly with the teacher.Our shared interactive whiteboard allows to have a better interaction with the teacher and makes the lesson more effective.Furthermore, learners can choose to have the lesson recorded and then receive the recording by email. This allows you to listen again and revise what has been done in class, dispel any doubts or concerns in the next lesson, work on your weaknesses and have some constant feedback from the teacher.

Italian for Foreigners

Experts in Italian for foreigners since 1984
Istituto Linguistico Europeo offers an online training program aimed at teaching Italian. The course aims at laying linguistic-communicative bases which are essential for self-assessment (improving cognitive and learning skills to achieve self-realization in the socio-cultural context you live in), socialization (use the language as the main communication tool) and for culturalization (describe and compare models and values of your country of origin).The school offers Italian courses for foreigners, and you can choose between one-to-one, two-to-one or group courses. Group courses are usually the most popular ones, especially amongst au pairs, who want to improve their Italian while living with a host family.Our courses can prepare you for internationally recognized certifications (CILS, CELI, PLIDA, IT).The content and activities of the courses follow the standards of the European Council for the levels of language ability A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, C2 of the European Common Framework for Languages.Lessons are taught by an experienced Italian teacher. During the course, you will follow a textbook but to make it more stimulating and effective, the teacher will provide some extra materials (dialogues, listening activities, readings of newspaper articles or passages of works of literature, conversation).
COURSE RECIPIENTSThe course is aimed at teenagers, students and non-native Italian speakers who wish to learn Italian to better integrate in the society they live in, which implies finding a job and getting to know the Italian culture. Istituto Linguistico Europeo also organizes cultural trips, evenings of cultural exchange, movie nights in different languages...

English Courses

Do you speak English?
We have courses for elementary school children in preparation of the STARTERS, MOVERS, and FLYERS certifications as well as courses for university students who have to pass the FCE or the IELTS exams to get into university. We also help learners with various documents concerning scholarships or internships abroad. We also organize courses for CAE (advanced language level) certifications, and CPE (Proficiency level, or native speaker). We offer professional courses in preparation of TOEFL and TOEIC (both ibt, internet based test, and pbt, paper based test), as well as BULATS certifications (business preliminary, vantage and higher), ILEC (legal English), LINGUASKILL and ECONOMICS (the latter for faculties of Economy in Europe and worldwide). FINANCIAL ENGLISH for brokers, bankers and executives is also one of the most highly demanded courses. We also organize one-to-one courses for the GRE test, which is mandatory to access the doctorate in some renowned universities such as Oxford, Eton, Cambridge.

French Courses

Tu parles français?
We offer courses at all levels both for study and working reasons. We start from the basic levels for elementary school children; then we help learners pass the DELF exams (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) A1, A2, B1 and B2 and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Français). The C1 - Français Commercial is another highly demanded course of ours for professionals in different industries.

German Courses

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
We offer courses at all levels both for study and working reasons. We start from the basic levels for elementary school children; then we help learners pass the Zertifikat exams, from the A1 level to the C2 level, which means from the formulation of very simple sentences used in daily life contexts to understanding and dealing with more complex situations. Handelsdeutch is another popular course of ours for professionals in different industries.

Language courses

Learn Languages at ILE
In addition to the Italian courses for foreigners, Istituto Linguistico Europeo offers a wide range of language courses: Spanish, Chinese*. Learning languages has never been easier! For oriental languages, we have specifically devised a method that centers around verbal communication and oral comprehension, thus putting the student at the center of the learning process and expanding their cultural knowledge. This program aims at achieving specific objectives. *Oriental language courses require booking and a surcharge.

For Professionals

For You and Your Career
Mastering at least one foreign language has now become essential in many contexts and especially at work. Istituto Linguistico Europeo has devised specific courses for professionals. The aim is to provide instrumental knowledge to communicate effectively and deal with different professional situations more easily. The courses are based on the communicative approach and can be General English or Business English. They are all tailor-made on the learners’ requirements. All courses are specifically designed to meet the learners’ needs and start from the basic levels up to more advanced levels (e.g. BUSINESS ENGLISH, INTERNATIONAL EXAMS). You will thus learn how to communicate effectively both in written and oral forms and you will gradually expand your vocabulary (technical terms included).

Preparing for University and International Exams

Specific to pass your examsà.png
Istituto Linguistico Europeo helps you pass your university exams! We organize specific courses to pass university exams (Languages, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine). We also help learners prepare various international exams of any level (CAMBRIDGE, TOEFL, TOEIC, DELE, DELF, HSK...), with a focus on the IELTS certification, which is already mandatory in many universities as an entry requirement.

Au Pair

Au Pair
Every year many au pairs from different countries, such as Great Britain, France, Spain, Canada, the USA, etc. come to Italy to live with host families and take care of their children while at the same time learning Italian. Often they also bond during outdoor activities such as trips, meetings with Erasmus students in Turin, city tours or visits to museums, exhibitions and other cultural attractions. Over the years, Istituto Linguistico Europeo has helped build many real, long-lasting friendships. What are you waiting for? Join US!

For Students

Special Treatments
We offer 10-hour packages of English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese at very affordable prices. We offer a range of courses from one-to-one to group courses (maximum 3 or 4 people). We have special packages for students up to 10% off, and other discounts specifically for oriental languages*. *Oriental language courses require booking and a surcharge.

Whether you are a foreigner, a student or a private individual, follow ours courses

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