Dr. Daniela Dosio (Turin, 1958) graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy (vecchio ordinamento) at the University of Turin in 1984; in the same year she founded the Istituto Linguistico Europeo (ILE) together with Dr. Laura Caporaso, her colleague and friend since her university days. Strong-willed and with an outstanding personality, over the years she has been able to make a difference by reinventing herself and experimenting with new teaching methods. Head teacher and Head of Human Resources since 1984 to the present day. She has been keen on teaching Italian as a foreign language since day one. Lecturer in Italian as a foreign language and English since 1984 to the present day. She is currently collaborating with a number of institutions and is continuing to teach Italian as a foreign language both online and in-house.

Whether you are a foreigner, a student or a private individual, follow ours courses

Corso J. F. Kennedy 48/5, 10098, Rivoli (TO)
+39 328 643 3767
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

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