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A reference point since 1984
Istituto Linguistico Europeo is a language school located in Rivoli, Turin; it has been operating in the field of foreign languages since 1984 and is a historic reference point for students in Turin.
Our school provides Italian lessons for foreigners, as well as English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese lessons. The school organizes one-to-one and group courses which can be held online or at the client’s. The courses are addressed at people of all ages. The learners range from university students to business people, and in that case the lessons can even be held at the companies’ premises.
With regard to one-to-one courses, the lessons are tailored to each individual. Group courses have a maximum of 4 learners, so the teacher can follow everyone very closely. All our teachers use the communicative approach, which means that they start communicating in the language they are teaching from the very first lesson. The school also provides courses specifically designed to help learners prepare international exams: English exams (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE as well as IELTS), French (DELF and DALF), Spanish (DELE), Italian for foreigners (CILS).
Our teachers are all qualified and experienced and use textbooks with both the grammar part and the exercises which can be done either together or as homework; the teachers will also provide some extra reading and listening material. In order to make the lessons more enjoyable, the learners will be guided through conversation exercises. You will learn in an informal and friendly environment, which allows learners to bond with each other.

Why choose our school

We have been striving to give you top quality service since 1984
Our teachers are highly qualified professionals (Master's degree in foreign languages and literature or other language-related degrees) who have been working for a long time in the field of languages and have therefore great expertise and passion for their job. They are all very helpful and always ready to meet specific needs and solve possible doubts of each individual learner.
Thanks to new methodologies we bring our extensive experience in teaching directly to the student. We strongly believe in the benefits of online teaching, which is going to be the new frontier in language learning. Customized teaching programs, from grammar to conversation, from listening to writing as well as specific topics related to business or university. Interactive exercises (multiple choice, matching, drag and drop) and multitasking activities, use of authentic material such as newspapers, magazines, maps, etc. form the basis of our method. In addition, at the end of each session, learners receive some homework to consolidate the topic covered in class.
The class schedule is very flexible and can be sorted out with the teacher on a weekly basis. Before the beginning of every course, we give the opportunity to organize free calls or videocalls to get to know the teacher. Students based in Rivoli can take an A/R shuttle to/from Fermi metro station (total additional cost of € 3.00).
We offer courses with customized learning programs which can be carried out online or in-house. Our teachers are all native speakers with hands-on experience, who are passionate about their jobs and constantly keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and teaching methods. Our courses are aimed at achieving a specific goal by using the best teaching methods. We offer one-to-one or small group courses with a wide scheduling flexibility. For our online courses we use the most important platforms available (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)
Our school in Rivoli, with its family atmosphere, is immersed in the nature and has dedicated classrooms. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with trees and flowers where students can study while sipping tea or coffee. Classes can be held in the classroom or when the weather allows it even in an outdoor facility.
Flexible schedules which are always arranged with the learners, availability and reliability are our cornerstones. Our private and online courses are flexible and on point, one-to-one or in small groups. Free-trial video calls are also available.

Our History

A brief history of our school


Istituto Linguistico Europeo is founded in via Assarotti, 4, Turin in 1984 by professors Dr. Daniela Dosio and Dr. Laura Caporaso, colleagues and friends since university, where they obtained a degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy (vecchio ordinamento) at the University of Turin.


The school is renewed and Dr. Andrea Beltramino, class of 1986, graduate in Tourism Science at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, becomes a valued member of the staff. As a young entrepreneur Andrea has been like a fresh breath for the school and has largely contributed to a renewal of the school on several fronts. With his innovative ideas and his perseverance, he implemented promotional strategies aimed at Erasmus/university students, thus making the school a reference point for young people in Turin.


In 2020 the business is moved to Rivoli, in corso Kennedy 48/5, in an even more familiar natural context. In this new environment, the courses are held almost exclusively online, although you could also enjoy your class in this cozy location.

Whether you are a foreigner, a student or a private individual, follow ours courses

Corso J. F. Kennedy 48/5, 10098, Rivoli (TO)
+39 328 643 3767
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

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